Software for data acquisition with the Lab200 USB interface


Developed for Windows 7/8/10 environments, this software and interface kit provides efficient data acquisition in experiments.
The software gathers and stores data, allowing it to be analyzed on tables and graphs. The interface can be connected to a computer via a USB port.
Its function is to send signals acquired from sensors to the computer.

Usual applications:
• Acquiring sensor signals in real time.
• Measuring variables in experiments performed with the equipment.
• Creating graphs and tables from the collected data.
• Recording and exporting collected data to spreadsheets, e.g. Excel, Matlab.
• Programming events and storing them.

Interface characteristics:
• Steel casing.
• Four analog inputs allowing signals to be captured from various sensors. For example, sensors for pressure, force, position, light intensity, voltage, current, temperature, etc.
• Four inputs for connecting digital sensors, allowing events to be captured for different types of timing.
• Computer connection via the USB port.
• Maximum acquisition rate: 5,000 samples per second.
• Count rate: 20,000 samples per second.
• Power supply: 85-250 VAC – automatic.

Software characteristics:
Windows 7/8/10 operating systems

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